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Removal of A-Track Activation Keys from the Windows Registry


If the Windows operating system is updated in place, or other major changes to Windows are made, the A-Track activation keys may no longer match the parameters under which they were originally installed - and this will prevent A-Track accessing the NCE system.
The solution is to remove the old keys and, subsequently, replace them with new ones.


Click on the file description below to download a copy of the removal tool.

Alternatively,  right-click on the file description and select 'Save Target As '.


When the Download window appears, click the 'Save' button.

Select the destination folder, if required, when the Save As window or banner appears, then click 'Save' again.



Remove A-Track Activation

28 KB





To use the removal tool, ensure that A-Track is NOT running on the computer, locate the removal tool file in the folder to which it was downloaded, then double-click on it. The removal tool will run immediately - there is no need for it to be installed.


Click the Remove button to delete the old A-Track activation keys, then click Close.


Now run A-Track. A new serial number will be generated, and A-Track will start in a fresh, un-registered state, but using your saved setting from the last time the program was closed. Open the Register / Activate window from the Help menu and check that your name for registration is correctly shown. Assuming the computer is connected to the Internet, click Register Online to obtain a new Activation Key as you have done previously, and then carry on using A-Track.


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