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Model Railroad - General

National Model Raiload Association

NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices

NMRA DCC Standards

NMRA Directory of World Wide Rail Sites (aka Cyberspace World Railroad) – A-Train Systems appears under 'Manufacturers - Electronics/DCC' for reasons best known to the managers of the site!

Cochise & Western Model Railroad Club – located in Sierra Vista, Arizona, the principal users of A-TRACK. Their website tends to move around, and this link points to the latest known copy of their pages.

Model Railroad Hobbyist – a professionally-produced FREE online magazine covering all aspects of model rairoading

Model Railroader – the US model railroading magazine with the widest circulation

Track Planning – the best layout design software I have come across (3rd Plan-It)

Colorado Railway Museum – useful range of books of interest to the railroad modeller

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Model Railroad – DCC Systems & Decoders

NCE Corporation – originally North Coast Engineering, major producers of DCC systems, decoders, and equipment - A-TRACK is designed to interface to NCE systems

Digitrax – supplier of a lot of the decoders I use, and source of a great deal of useful information on the implementation of DCC

Lenz – German manufacturer of DCC systems, and originator of the control system on which DCC is based

SoundTraxx – manufacturer of the Tsunami range of DCC sound decoders

QSI Solutions - manufacturer of the Quantum range of DCC sound decoders

ESU - LokSound – German manufacturer  of DCC systems, including the LokSound range of DCC sound decoders

Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC – a large resource dealing with all aspects of DCC

Bruce Petrarca – Mr DCC – The DCC University – information, links, and consultancy on all DCC matters

Mark Gurries – guidance and help on a wide range of DCC topics, with a particular emphasis on NCE equipment

Marcus Ammann – DCC for Everyone – a vast array of information and links on all aspects of DCC

Mark Schutzer – useful tutorials and articles on NCE DCC equipment, especially radio throttles

JMRI – the group responsible for the development of Decoder Pro and Panel Pro software in Java for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems

Rutger Friberg – author of books on, and developer of, DCC hardware

DCC Wiki - an encyclopedia all about Digital Command Control used in railroad modeling and is written collaboratively by many of its readers

Model Railroading with DCC WebRing – wide range of interesting sites

DCC UK WebRing – some duplication with world-wide DCC Webring

Model Railroading Electronics WebRing – general electronics projects, not necessarily related to DCC

DMOZ Open Directory Project (DCC) – set of links directly relevant to model railroading with DCC – although has not been updated for some time

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Model Railroad  - Equipment Suppliers

Walthers – huge range of all things related to model railroads - excellent service via mail order

Caboose Hobbies – haven’t bought very much from them, but their very large store in Denver, Colorado was well worth the visit

Sunbird Train Mart – very helpful and obliging – wide range of books available by mail order

Tony’s Train Exchange – recommended by friends (and personal experience) as offering the best prices for DCC equipment – lots of useful information available

Tried & True Trains – useful set of links to model railroad information, suppliers, and background on DCC – although has not been updated for some time


Model Railroad  - DCC Equipment Suppliers (UK)

Digitrains – very wide range from all of the major US and European manufacturers – very helpful

DCC Supplies – good range of DCC equipment supplemented by a wide selection of other products

Wickness Models – very helpful with a lot of useful information, DCC fitting service, DCC sound decoders, DCC products from wide range of manufacturers, conversions, layout scenics, etc.


Electronics Suppliers (UK)

Farnell – widest range of electronic components for the professional (available to anyone – network of sites world-wide)

Combined Precision Components (CPC) – very wide range of domestic and industrial equipment and components (not just electronics and computers) at very reasonable prices (actually a division of Farnell)

RS Components – similar range to Farnell but less specialised

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Atari Computers

Atari Archives – information still available for the dedicated enthusiast – including the full text of many reference books such as ‘Mapping the Atari’ and ‘Assembly Language Programming for the Atari Computers’

ABBUC eV – the very active Atari Bit Byter User Club, based in Germany – their comprehensive and well-maintained website has a host of links to all things Atari

Nick Kennedy’s Page – features SIO2PC, a program to turn a PC into an Atari fileserver and without which A-TRACK would have been almost impossible to develop. Thanks, Nick !

B & C Computer Visions – still going strong as a source of Atari hardware and software

Computer Software Services – the home page of Bob Puff, creator of MyDOS, the Black Box, and BobTerm, the best comms program for the Atari 8-Bit – again very useful in developing A-TRACK. This website has not been updated for a long time.

Atari 8-Bit WebRing – such Atari 8-Bit sites that still exist


Microprocessors & Personal Computers

Microchip (USB Connectivity) – manufacturer of the PIC range of single-chip microcontrollers – lots of data and development information available

Jan Axelson’s Lakeview Research – reference information and software for developers of PC peripherals – USB, parallel, and serial ports

Microsoft Developers' Network (Windows) – although often maligned, Microsoft provides an enormous amount of free information on almost any PC topic – the only problem is locating the specific topic of interest

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