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Register Your Copy of A-Track -

Please ensure that both Names, the Serial Number, and your e-mail address below are completed accurately.

If details of your A-Track version, Windows operating system type and build number, and NCE system type and software version have not been entered automatically, then please type into the System and NCE System Type fields the version of Windows and type of NCE Command Station, respectively, that you are using with A-Track.

Build details and Software Version can be left blank although, if you are using an NCE USB Interface, it is useful to know if this is Version 6 or the newer Version 7.

Finally, enter the 6-character security code (the numbers and letters on the coloured background), then click Register to register your copy of A-Track.

First Name

Last Name

A-Track Version


Serial Number

Your E-Mail Address

Confirm E-Mail Address



NCE System Type

NCE Software/USB Version



Please enter Security Code



Note that A-Train Systems will not under any circumstances divulge your e-mail address to any other person or organisation, and will only use the address you have provided to send you your registration key and occasionally to inform you of any available updates to the A-Track software.

If you encounter any problems with registration or in using A-Track, please use the Contact form to request assistance.

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