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User Guides, schematics, and other documents relating to A-Track and the various projects described elsewhere are available for download as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If you do not have a copy already installed, a PDF document reader to view these files is available free from Adobe by clicking on the link below -

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A-Track for Windows - Previous Downloads

Important : If you are using Norton security programs on your computer, you may find that files downloaded from this page are erroneously flagged as a threat, or even quarantined, possibly with the threat classified as "WS.Reputation1". This does NOT mean that the files are infected with any form of virus or other malicious software, but simply that the files are new to the Internet, and have not been downloaded by many people so far. You can verify this on the Symantec website at http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2010-051308-1854-99, or by using Google or another search engine to check on the meaning of "WS.Reputation1".

Unfortunately, as a very small software developer, A-Train Systems has no influence with Symantec to change this behaviour, but can only assure you that no files here contain malware nor pose any kind of danger to your computer. This also applies with some other Internet security suites and types of browser, which may display warnings when you try to download the A-Track Setup executable file, in particular, or even block the transfer. In case of continued difficulty, please use the Contact form to request further assistance.

All of the Note that, in all versions, the full text of all sections of the Reference Manual are available from within A-Track as context-sensitive Help pages. Pressing the F1 key at any time when running A-Track will open a Help page directly relevant to whichever program function you are currently using.

PDF File

Installation Notes - A-Track Release 4.4.1

767 KB

PDF File

A-Track User Guide - Release 4.4.1

2 034 KB

PDF File

A-Track Reference Manual - Release 4.4.1

22 177 KB

A-Track EXE File

A-Track Release 4.4.196 - Setup File

38 372 KB

ZIP File

A-Track Release 4.4.1 - Full Installation Package

138 915 KB

PDF File

A-Track Documentation Changes - Release 4.3.2

1 285 KB

PDF File

Installation Notes - A-Track Release 4.3.2

1 110 KB

PDF File

A-Track User Guide - Release 4.3.2

10 045 KB

PDF File

A-Track Reference Manual - Release 4.3.2

18 543 KB

A-Track EXE File

A-Track Release 4.3.2 – Setup File

31 330 KB

ZIP File

A-Track Release 4.3.2 - Full Installation Package

111 212 KB

If an earlier version of A-Track is already installed on your computer, you should uninstall it before starting installation of the new version below (this is done most easily from Start Menu / All Programs / A-Track/ Uninstall or, in Windows 8 or 10, right-click on the A-Track tile on the Start Screen, then select Uninstall).


As an alternative to downloading the A-Track Full Installation Package, an installation CD can be made available for purchase at a cost of $15 (approx £12), inclusive of shipping worldwide. Payment can be made safely and securely via PayPal, using any credit or debit card, even if you do not have a PayPal account. Please use the Contact form to request an installation CD, stating clearly the version of software required.


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